Thank you for your kind donation!

   On Saturday morning, when I got to our Second School, I found something in front of our gate.  What do you think they were?  At first I thought they were trashes or something dangerous, but on top of the bags it said, "I will give" in a nice calligraphy.  So with all my courage, I carefully opened the first bag.  There I found the cloth toys like sandwiches, hot dogs, and pizzas.  They are perfect for our pre-kinder garden class students.  Another paper bags had wooden puzzles, and picture books.  All of these are perfect for our students!


   How can we appreciate  for these kind anonymous  donations.  We will use these toys and books to improve our students' English ability.  Thank you again.


   お名前が書かれていませんでしたが、本当にありがとうございました。  大切に使わせていただきます。


バイリンガルキッズ 永見