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Hello, everyone. 

I’m Thomas Marsden. Please call me Tom.

I’m from the U.K. 

Do you know Stratford-Upon-Avon? Its William Shakespears birth place. A little town with a bustling community nestled in the heart of England. With lots of little shops, cafes and museums too. If you go there, I recommend the cheesemongers shop. You can try a wide variety of cheeses (That is, if you like cheese). Did you know the U.K. has over 700 kinds of cheeses?

I've been teaching students for more than a decade here at Bilingual Kids.

Teaching cheerfully, with passion and heart is very important to me. It's also rewarding to see little students grow learning English at Bilingual Kids all the way up to Senior High, having a firm grasp of the language.

Of course learning a life changing skill takes time just like learning a language does. And with every skill learnt, opportunities arise. 

Sometimes, once graduated, some prior students come back to Bilingual Kids to work part time. Isn't that amazing?

Finally. No. I don't like to eat natto!

I cheese.

皆さん、私はトーマスマーズデンといいます。どうぞ、トムと呼んで下さい。私の出身はイギリスです。ストラットフォード アポン エイボンをご存知ですか?シェークスピア誕生の地です。イギリスの中心部にあるこじんまりした活気のある街です。小さなカフェがたくさんあり、博物館もあります。もし、そこに行く機会があれば、チーズショップに行くことをおすすめします。いろいろなチーズを楽しむことができます。(もし、チーズがお好きならば)イギリスには700種類以上のチーズがあるのをご存知ですか?





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