Trick or Treat!
































Hello! It's John Teacher!


Today, let's talk about trick or treating in America! 


I have trick or treated since I was little. To trick or treat, you dress up as a monster, skeleton, clown,  etc. and go to your neighbor's house! Ring the doorbell and say Trick or Treat! The person will give you different kinds of candy. My favorite candies to get from trick or treating was Skittles, Sour Punch Straws, and Starburst!


After getting candy from your neighbor, you go to another house!


I always enjoyed going trick or treating with my friends!


We begin to trick or treat whenever it begins to become dark outside, so it can be dangerous for little children. That's why you see parents with their children, or big brothers and sisters with their little brothers and sisters.

Some people trick or treat, but other people will play pranks! (いたずら)

That's how we celebrate Halloween in America! 


What about you? Comment and let me know!