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Eiken 3rd Interview self-evaluation checklist


Speaking is probably the most difficult part when learning a foreign language. You need not only know the language enough to conform sentences, but be able to speak those sentences in real time! There is a lot of pressure!

Speaking in a test is equally stressful. You have to speak to someone you probably haven't seen before about topics you might not have a real interest either... It can make you fell really nervous!

So speaking in a foreign language, for a test, is even worse!!

But the Eiken interview doesn't have to be a hustle. Here at Bilingual Kids we are more than happy to help master those skills to succeed in the test.

Today, we are sharing with you this checklist (check the link at the bottom of this post) that you can use to assess your performance and have an idea of how you are doing.


We believe that self-evaluating yourself regularly can help a lot in your improvement and can give you a clearer focus on how to direct your practice. As English teachers, we strongly recommend that you give it a go at home, and if you feel comfortable about it, share your results and experiences with your teachers, so they can help you improve.


Well, this is basically up to you! But, if you want to be picky, we recommend that you record yourself (video or audio, any smartphone will do) and complete the checklist after watching your performance. It is amazing how revealing it can be seeing yourself from a different perspective.

Practice, Practice!

Practice makes perfect! So if your shy, or insecure, or nervous, don't worry. Knowing that you are prepared and have practiced a lot by yourself and with your teachers, will empower you through the test. Don't be afraid! After all, it just talking!

Bests of lucks!

Eiken 3rd interview self-eval checklist
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