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Stationery Dominoes


A great new game by Kimiko Teacher! As the school year begins, our students will definitively need to get around their stationery vocabulary, and this is a very fun way to practice.

There are many ways to play, but at BLK we're big fans of the 'I have-Who has' game. It's very simple and fun!


I have - Who has

How to play?

I have (わたしは・・・をもっています)

Who has (だれは・・・をもっていますか)

Target grammar: I have a/an/some

Vocabulary: Stationery

  1. Hand out all the cards. The first player places one card and says: I have some paint (picture). Who has a letter (word)

  2. The player with the corresponding picture places the right card and carries on the chain.

The idea is simple, but it can get as complicated as you want.

A fun variation is to add a timer. Players must complete the chain before the time goes out, and start from the beginning if they ran out of time.

Another way is to challenge players to complete the chain and connect the first and last links. The cards trail can go in any shape as long as they manage to connect it at the end.

Whether competitive or cooperative, the rules are up to you. At the end, it'll always be a fun opportunity to practice some useful stationery words.


Want to do it at home?

Here, we leave you a quick template. Choose your favorite size and print out as many as you want. You can draw your favorite pictures, or paste some cute stickers, and write some words.

Dominoes Template 2 sizes
ダウンロード:PDF • 63KB

How about Food Dominoes, or Easter Dominoes? Christmas Dominoes, Halloween Dominoes? Wow, it could go forever!

We'd love to see yours! Don't worry about the spelling, we can help you!

Do you like the idea? Did you try it? Leave us some comments, we'd love to know! And if you have any questions, ask away! We are here for you!





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